Project Description

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt, so they often lack the space needed to come in properly. As a result, wisdom teeth can cause more harm than good.

Wisdom teeth and x-rays

We use 3D imaging to assess the progression of your wisdom teeth. The high-precision images allow us to anticipate complications.

With digital x-rays, we’re able to see:

  • The exact location and eruption angle
  • Eruption stage (partially or fully impacted)
  • Cyst or abscess development
  • Cavities or infections

These conditions can cause pain and other oral health problems.

This type of removal is ideal for young adults. Younger patients have a lower the risk of complications during the procedure and a better recovery. However, wisdom teeth can also be extracted from adult patients.

If your wisdom teeth are in a good position and don’t present a risk for the surrounding teeth and gums, they can remain in place as long as you follow strict hygiene instructions.

Stress management

Anticipating surgery can make some people feel anxious. That’s why we offer a calm and comfortable environment.

During your consultation, we will discuss sedation or premedication options. Sedation can help alleviate stress and physical discomfort.

And don’t worry, we’ll make sure you’re well cared for after the surgery! We’ll provide you with post-operation instructions and follow up with you personally to make sure you’re feeling well.