Project Description

Implant-supported restorations

Have you heard of dental implants? Dental implants are a safe, permanent solution for replacing one or several missing teeth.

What are dental implants?

An implant is a metal rod that acts like the root for your tooth. The rods are usually made of titanium, a solid and durable biocompatible metal that doesn’t trigger adverse reactions in the body.

The implant acts as an anchor for the replacement tooth. Depending on your condition, an implant-supported prosthesis (crown, bridge or denture) can be complete or partial, permanent or removable.

The advantages of implants

Dental implants are good for the bone in your jaw that supports your teeth. The artificial root stimulates the bone, which helps preserve bone mass and density. The new replacement tooth will also help keep your natural teeth in place, improve your chewing function, pronunciation, digestion and self-esteem.

The procedure

The process begins with a complete dental exam. Then we take 3D x-rays to help us plan the intervention and develop a digital surgical guide that covers the exact location, angle and size of the implants. Digital surgical guides also make the implant procedure more precise and predictable.

How it works:

  • The procedure will take place at the clinic under local anesthesia.
  • The implant is inserted into the jawbone, under the gums.
  • The implant is allowed to heal and fuse to the bone through a process called osseointegration.
  • Depending on the type of implant, the pillar is sometimes replaced once the site has completely healed.
  • Then it’s time to install the prosthesis.

Eligible patients must have healthy mouth and gums, good overall health and enough bone mass to hold the implant.

If necessary, a bone graft can be prescribed prior to the installation of your implant(s). When this is the case, a PRF centrifuge will be used to obtain a platelet-rich fibrin membrane from the patient to accelerate the healing process.

Getting dental implants takes several months, but is a worthwhile investment of your time; the final result will improve your health, freedom, self-confidence and enjoyment of life’s little pleasures.