Project Description

Crowns and Bridges

All kinds of incidents—like a cavity, fracture, gum problem or accident—can make a tooth lose its functionality or even fall out. Fortunately, certain permanent restorations can restore your tooth’s function.

Dental crowns

A dental crown goes over your tooth like a hat. It’s a hollow restoration used to cover a tooth that has been badly damaged.

Dental crowns are custom-made from digital impressions and fit snugly over your original tooth. They are usually made of ceramic and offer an attractive, natural-looking result. In fact, nobody will be able to tell that the crown isn’t your natural tooth!

When are dental crowns recommended?

  • Tooth weakened by a major cavity or filling
  • After a root canal/devitalization procedure
  • Broken tooth
  • Very discoloured tooth
  • To prevent further damage

Whereas veneers are a cosmetic solution, dental crowns can restore both the look and function of a compromised tooth.

A single implant-supported crown may be recommended if your tooth has been damaged beyond repair and must be replaced.

CEREC crowns

Clinique dentaire La Cité uses CEREC technology to model and make ceramic crowns right here in our office.

The restorations are milled on site and installed on the same day. Since the entire procedure is done in a single appointment, you won’t need a temporary restoration or an additional visit. You’ll go home with a comfortable, functional and beautiful smile!

Permanent bridges

A bridge is a permanent denture used to fill a space when one or several teeth are missing. Bridges are supported by the adjacent teeth and aren’t removable. They’re a functional and attractive option for many patients.

If the teeth on either side of the gap aren’t solid enough to act as pillars for a bridge, we may recommend implants or another solution.

The type of material used depends on different factors, including which teeth are involved. Metal-free dental bridges are sometimes recommended.

Interested in replacing a missing tooth with a permanent bridge? We can help you determine which materials and techniques are best for you.